Area Registered Paralegals (CRP, RP)*

District of Columbia

Taye Akinola, CRP
Jehrica Cummings, CRP
Sarah Coats, RP
Gavin J. Hilgemeier, RP
Alexander R. Moldauer, CRP
Heidi L. Rasciner, RP
Barbara Stanard, RP


Max Brandy, RP
Agnes C. Bowersox, RP
Babette Butler, RP
Claudine S. Duffy, RP
Danyel Dunn, CRP  
Lisa Gelbach, RP
Heather Howard, RP
D.B. "Brandy" Swanson, RP
Joyce Thaden, RP
Karen Tucker, RP
Kathryn C. Wray, RP


Rita Daley, RP
Sara Kestler, RP
Tanya McKinley, RP
Deborah A. Repass, RP
Evelyn S. Saverine, RP
Hope T. Steele, RP
Larry Taylor, RP

*CRPs and RPs listed are or were NCAPA members. If you are a CRP or an RP and wish for your name to be listed please email